Whatever Happened to Free Speech on Campus?

?College Should be about Sharing Ideas not CensorshipFirst Example: Ben Shapiro Cal State LASecond Example: Milo Yiannopoulos at DePaul University?College Should be about Sharing Ideas not CensorshipDave Rubin is a liberal who regularly condemns the far Left for being too intolerant to allow for the free exchange of ideasCollege must be about ideas being debated not censoredAfter 14 years a high school debate coach, I know the value of debateIt is important to let people speak because, dissent cannot be stifled so it must be channeled through productive waysIn political science we call this “inputs”: people will “input” into the system one way or another. Stifling speech isn’t destroying dissent it is only forcing it through other, perhaps, non-legal channels.Conservative speakers invited to campus by conservative groups are being shouted down by activists and more, disturbingly, in some cases subject to efforts by professors and administrators to stifle them.There are a lot of examples but I’ve chosen to focus on two: Ben Shapiro at Cal State LA and Milo Yiannopoulos at DePaul UniversityFirst Example: Ben Shapiro Cal State LABen is a conservative author and podcaster who has openly condemned universities for their left-wing policies. His talk was entitled “When Diversity Becomes a Problem”He was invited by the Young Americans for Freedom to speak at on campus.When word got out that he was coming, faculty and students protested his appearanceCal State LA President William Covino attempted to ban the speech, when Ben said he was coming anyway, Covino reluctantly conceded hours before Ben arrived.A mob appeared outside the venue and blocked the entrance, attendees had to sneak in through a back entrance. Someone even pulled a fire alarm during the speech.After the speech, President Covino hosted a “Healing Space” for students “traumatized”Covino spoke of trying to ban future events like thisA professor of African-American studies called Ben (an orthodox Jew) neo-Nazi, neo-KKKSecond Example: Milo Yiannopoulos at DePaul UniversityMilo is an opinion journalist and podcaster who has criticized a variety of left-wing policies especially feminismHe was invited to speak by student organization, College Republicans, at DePaul University.Shortly after he started, a group of protesters stormed the stage blowing whistles, took his mic and began shouting anti-Trump slogans.When they refused to stop, some members of the audience went on stage to verbally confront them. At that point, Campus Security (Milo’s newspaper “Breitbart News” had been required to pay $1,000 for added security) announced that anyone not authorized to be on stage would be arrested. Audience members then left the stage at returned to their seats, the anti-Milo protesters remained on stage and Campus Security did nothing.After the protest, DePaul university President apologized for Milo not being allowed to speak (although he condemned Milo’s content).A school law professor published an open letter condemning the President for saying Milo should’ve been allowed to talk.At a meeting, a number of students expressed outrage that the President had defended freedom of speech. One of the protesters who disrupted Milo was in attendance and said she felt “threatened” and suggested that the campus speech code be used to exclude such speeches in the future.

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