The Donald on Education:

Trump reminds me of Donald Duck (and that’s a good thing)The two Donald can be trouble makerThe two Donald’s are “Everyman” and that’s why a lot of people love themTrump on Common CoreLocal controlTrump on Department of EducationNeeds to be cutTrump on education philosophiesGet rid of self-esteem teachingAmerican kids ranked #1 in confidenceEsteem needs to follow performance, raise performance to raise esteemTrump on CitizenshipSchools need to teach more than the 3 R’s, math and scienceK-12 in America and the WorldAmerica spends for more than any countriesAmerica’s low rankingsTrump on school choice and parentsempowering parents to make choicesTrump v. Bernie on College CostsTells a student that somebody has to pay for it; nothing’s freeNever Trump is dangerousHillary is the real threat  #neverhillaryI voted Marco, donated to Cruz, am voting Trump in November

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