Teaching Teachers Liberal Lies

Teacher education classes are often skewed far to the Left. This week I discuss some of the indoctrination of teachers by leftist professors particularly on the issue of race.I have been teaching high school social studies for 18 years. I created this podcast to address many of the problems with the education system that have been ignored or even made worse by the political Left. So much effort is spent combating Leftism in our universities that we often forget that the problems posed by Leftist ideology begins in the early grades. Teachers and administrators are taught to promote Leftist ideas, federal government policies reinforce these Leftists ideas, and Leftists teachers unions vigorously defend their near monopoly of control on the education of young people. Aristotle was said that the fate of empires has always depended upon the education of the youth. We can’t take back America from Leftism until we are willing to address its roots – our schools. Join me each week as I uncover the problems Leftism poses for our children.

Eco Lawsuit Kids could use a Social Studies Lesson

This week 21 kids stood outside a federal courthouse in Eugene, Oregon to explain why they were suing the United States government. The reasons were varied: a lack snow for skiing in Oregon, beach erosion in Florida, horses dead from dehydration on a ranch in Arizona. The kids’ attorney, Julia Olson of the environmentalist groupOur Children’s Trust, gave an impassioned speech earlier in the courtroom before Federal District Judge Ann Aiken to explain how one Jayden Foytlin (age 13) had lost her home to the floods in Baton Rouge this summer. The cause of all of these tragedies could of course be none other than climate change and the U.S. government was to blame for letting it happen. Furthermore, since the U.S. government had failed to take action the young plaintiffs wanted the Court to order an end to fossils fuels.The debate over climate change goes on. Now I am not a science teacher so I am not going to revisit the ongoing flaws in linking fossil fuels to global environmental collapse. Rather, as someone who has been  teaching high school social studies teacher for the past 18 years, I was struck by how little these kids know about history and government. The lawsuit shows an astounding lack of understanding on how the separation of powers is supposed to function and what Constitutional rights these kids seem to think they have but, actually do not not.This lawsuit against the government to stop oil drilling for the purpose of stopping climate change is truly a cause for concern. Not only because it repeats the tired old phrase of global annihilation just around the corner but because it plays fast and loose with Constitution. By asking the Court to take such a broad, and quite frankly, ridiculous interpretation of our founding document, this lawsuit threatens what truly does matter for these kids’ future. What these kids will benefit from most is a system of checks and balances where rights are found in the Constitution and not manufactured and the separation of powers is preserved by judges that judge and not make laws.

NAACP Betrays Black Students

Throughout America, charter schools have had enormous success at educating students and especially students of color. 60% of charters are serving at-risk communities and their successes have resulted in higher test scores, safer schools, motivated kids, and satisfied parents.So why the opposition by the NAACP and other groups like Black Lives Matter that claim to represent the interests of minorities? The answer is, simply put, control. Charter school have the freedom to innovate, the freedom from government (and the political Left’s) control.

Disrespect the Flag; Disrespect Democracy

Much has been made of Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand during the playing of the national anthem. And yet, we forget that every school days thousands of public school students refuse to stand during the playing of the star spangled banner and/or the recitation of the pledge of allegiance. A few refuse out of principle, most out of apathy. In the second half of the twentieth century, showing disrespect for the flag became just another form of protest. It is not. Showing disrespect for the flag is not an attack on the actions of the American government but on the fundamental concepts of democracy and liberty that form the foundation of this nation. Colin Kaepernick may only be one man, but his public action will only serve to inspire thousands of young people to do the same. He, and other like him who show disdain for the flag and it’s anthem, have take chisels to the foundation of America.

My Child isn’t a Social Experiment

Remember when it was considered inappropriate, even dangerous, to teach prepubescent children about sex. It wasn’t that long ago. Now, I’m not talk about science class information about males and females but rather adult concepts like sexual expression. The innocence of youth wasn’t something created by conservatives to stifle sexuality. Rather, it is a natural expression of the fact that prepubescent children don’t naturally think about engaging in sexual acts – nor should they. And yet, the Left seems bound and determined to use even young children as guinea pigs in their social experimentation.

Milwaukee: Learning to Riot

On August 13,  looting and rioting erupted in the city of Milwaukee. Even though the African-American police officer was entirely justified in shooting a suspect pointing a gun at him, protestors still claimed institutional racism. Where did the protestors get such as distorted view of reality? Certainly the entrenched media bias plays a role but we should not dismiss the corrupting nature of the Milwaukee School District and the Milwaukee Teachers Union.

Leftist Classes You’ll Want to Avoid

College is a place to challenge yourself with different ways of think but many college classes around the country instead focus on indoctrinating students with Leftist ideology. These classes are generally taught by professors who engage in a type of “research” known as “activist research” – that is, research specifically designed to promote some aspect of what the Left likes to call “social justice”

Disturbing Democratic Platform

5 Reasons the DNC Platform is DisturbingIn addition to nominating Hillary, the Democrats also created their new platform, that is their list of ideas.The 2016 Democratic Platform is a recipe for federalization of education and exploding budgets.“Making Debt-Free College a Reality”Taxpayer funded public colleges could cost as much as $200 billion annually for “working families”Also provides for free community college. Community Colleges have about a 60% drop out rate. So most of taxpayer money will be lost“Providing Relief from Crushing Student Debt”Calls for a “moratorium” on student loan payments, in other words, taxpayers take over payments$1.2 trillion in student loans so this represents a potential huge burden on taxpayers“Supporting Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Minority-Serving Institutions“Hillary has called for $25 billion to go to private Black Colleges and Universities“Cracking Down on Predatory For-Profit Schools”“Predatory” assumes that people are unaware of the cost or what they are getting.These schools typically have lower admissions standards and thus higher dropout rates. Shutting them down will shut down opportunities unless we lower standards at public schools“Universal Preschool and Good Schools for Every Child”This is talking about expanding the failed Head Start program to be universal. There is no evidence this program has ever been successful.$12 billion a year cost to taxpayers