Disturbing Democratic Platform

5 Reasons the DNC Platform is DisturbingIn addition to nominating Hillary, the Democrats also created their new platform, that is their list of ideas.The 2016 Democratic Platform is a recipe for federalization of education and exploding budgets.“Making Debt-Free College a Reality”Taxpayer funded public colleges could cost as much as $200 billion annually for “working families”Also provides for free community college. Community Colleges have about a 60% drop out rate. So most of taxpayer money will be lost“Providing Relief from Crushing Student Debt”Calls for a “moratorium” on student loan payments, in other words, taxpayers take over payments$1.2 trillion in student loans so this represents a potential huge burden on taxpayers“Supporting Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Minority-Serving Institutions“Hillary has called for $25 billion to go to private Black Colleges and Universities“Cracking Down on Predatory For-Profit Schools”“Predatory” assumes that people are unaware of the cost or what they are getting.These schools typically have lower admissions standards and thus higher dropout rates. Shutting them down will shut down opportunities unless we lower standards at public schools“Universal Preschool and Good Schools for Every Child”This is talking about expanding the failed Head Start program to be universal. There is no evidence this program has ever been successful.$12 billion a year cost to taxpayers

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