Anti-American History

Why American History MattersWestern Civilization in general and the United States particular have been vilified by the West.We need to take back American History classes. America’s contributions to building a better world need to be recognized and not vilifiedIf there’s anything the recent terror attacks should have taught us is that we are what Sam Huntington called a clash of civilizations. Western civilization v. Islamic civilization.The founding fathers are often either minimized or villainized in many courses. It’s no wonder that students at William and Mary defaced the statue of Thomas Jefferson.American History in High SchoolThe College Board which makes the AP tests ran into trouble last year when they introduced their new curriculum which minimized mention of many of the founding fathers but emphasized America’s faults and failings.After months of criticism, the for profit College Board revised their curriculum to avoid losing school participation (and money).  Can you imagine a government agency in a liberal presidency listening to the people?Colleges American HistoryColleges have long since abandoned any look at American History as anything but deeply flawed. As textbooks for high school are written primarily by college professors, it is no wonder that this has seeped down.“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”   ? George Orwell, 1984

Overcrowding and Immigration

Overcrowded Schools22% of schools are overcrowdedTeachers must alter lesson plans for the worseStart early or end lateStudents do not receive the attention they deserveJohn hopkins study shows declining academic achievementAbout 12 percent of schools exceed their capacity by six to 25 percent and eight percent by more than 25 percentMore than one-third of schools use portable classrooms, one-fifth use temporary spaces like gyms or cafeteriasTeacher’s unions have called for an end to overcrowding while at the same time applauding Obama’s DACA and DAPA immigration policiesIllegal immigration has been a major contributor to overcrowding in public schoolsAt least 4 million students in America are illegal immigrants with millions more being the children of illegal immigrantsAccording to the Supreme Court in the case of Pyler v. Doe (1982), schools must provide education to illegal immigrants.This extends to many federal programs as well such as Head Start and Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) and the free and reduced lunch program.Taking these expenses into consideration, the cost of education illegal immigrants and their children in the United States is estimated to run approximately $44.5 billion ANNUALLY.Moreover, spots in limited programs such as lottery pre-K programs are also generally open to illegal immigrants.Not only is no significant attempt being made to deport families in the country illegally but many of these students “Mayte Lara” are proudly announcing their illegal statusCollege and Illegal Immigration“Eighteen states, including Colorado, Maryland and Oregon, allow teens without legal status to pay in-state tuition rates at public colleges and universities, provided they meet certain requirements. Students living in California, Texas, New Mexico, Minnesota and Washington are also eligible for state-based financial aid, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. (US News)California announced $25 million for illegal immigrant education in CaliforniaIn addition to scholarships specifically designed to help illegal aliens such as and the Illinois Dream fund, many others do not ask for legal residency proof.For all the talk the Left does about making college more affordable for Americans, they don’t seem to mind directing money to non-Americans.

Self-Sabotage in Black America

A review of John H. McWhorter’s book,Losing the Race: Self-Sabotage in Black in AmericaCult of VictimologyVictimology is calling attention to victimhood where it is barely found at all.71% of African-Americans say they have been the victim of racism as some point in their lives. This is simply poor treatment filtered the lense of race.Everyone listening can probably agree with at least one of these statementsA teacher in school treated me unfairlyA cop singled me out for a speeding ticket when others were going fasterA boss rewarded with promotion, raise or special treatment to an inferior work colleague – ignoring meWhites will generally attribute this to the individual being an a**hole.  Blacks to racismCult of SeparatismVictimhood leads to separation Stigma of Inclusion: Racial Paternalism/Separatism in Higher Education (2002). “The colleges profiled in the survey include Amherst College, Brown University, Cornell University, George Washington University, Haverford College, MIT, Northwestern University, Oberlin College, Pennsylvania State University, Princeton, Smith, Stanford University, University of California-Berkeley, University of Pennsylvania, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Vassar, Wesleyan University, and Yale. The research was done by Harvard undergraduate Ramin Afshar-Mohajer and Evelyn Sung, now a student at NYU Law School. The survey found:Colleges create special administrative positions and “minority” offices that strengthen separatist campus organizations;Colleges organize separate events and programs for minority students, including, in some instances, separate orientations and “Minority Weekends”;College-endorsed minority student organizations on campuses encourage minority students’ separatism, in an effort to promote “group-identity”;Colleges target and treat minority students as in need of remedial services, just because they’re students of color on a predominantly white campus;Colleges provide courses and departments with a politically-correct multicultural/diversity bent;Colleges provide racially-identifiable, ethnic housing on campus, sometimes with links to academic programs, that allow for the steering of minority frosh to racial/ethnic “identity” dorms.”Today, UConn is building a separate dorm for 40 black undergraduates to “foster scholarship”“UCLA’s vice chancellor Janina Montero responded on behalf of UCLA’s chancellor Gene Block that she is open to many of the ASU’s demands, including exclusive funding for the ASU, revision of the school’s anti-discrimination policies, an “Afro-house” for black students, a student advisory board for campus diversity, increased enrollment of black students, and creation of a Black Student Leadership Task Force. She also said that the chancellor has collaborated with the LAUSD to build the Horace Mann UCLA Community School in South Los Angeles.”Dangerous because it leads to an unconscious labeling of blacks as inferiors and strips them of their chance for the dignity that comes from equal treatment.Cult of Anti-IntellectualismTeasing from peersLower expectations from parentsPoverty does not explain it.Most black students are middle classIn urban schools, the children of recent Southeast Asian immigrants tend to do better than their black counterparts in the same school

Whatever Happened to Free Speech on Campus?

?College Should be about Sharing Ideas not CensorshipFirst Example: Ben Shapiro Cal State LASecond Example: Milo Yiannopoulos at DePaul University?College Should be about Sharing Ideas not CensorshipDave Rubin is a liberal who regularly condemns the far Left for being too intolerant to allow for the free exchange of ideasCollege must be about ideas being debated not censoredAfter 14 years a high school debate coach, I know the value of debateIt is important to let people speak because, dissent cannot be stifled so it must be channeled through productive waysIn political science we call this “inputs”: people will “input” into the system one way or another. Stifling speech isn’t destroying dissent it is only forcing it through other, perhaps, non-legal channels.Conservative speakers invited to campus by conservative groups are being shouted down by activists and more, disturbingly, in some cases subject to efforts by professors and administrators to stifle them.There are a lot of examples but I’ve chosen to focus on two: Ben Shapiro at Cal State LA and Milo Yiannopoulos at DePaul UniversityFirst Example: Ben Shapiro Cal State LABen is a conservative author and podcaster who has openly condemned universities for their left-wing policies. His talk was entitled “When Diversity Becomes a Problem”He was invited by the Young Americans for Freedom to speak at on campus.When word got out that he was coming, faculty and students protested his appearanceCal State LA President William Covino attempted to ban the speech, when Ben said he was coming anyway, Covino reluctantly conceded hours before Ben arrived.A mob appeared outside the venue and blocked the entrance, attendees had to sneak in through a back entrance. Someone even pulled a fire alarm during the speech.After the speech, President Covino hosted a “Healing Space” for students “traumatized”Covino spoke of trying to ban future events like thisA professor of African-American studies called Ben (an orthodox Jew) neo-Nazi, neo-KKKSecond Example: Milo Yiannopoulos at DePaul UniversityMilo is an opinion journalist and podcaster who has criticized a variety of left-wing policies especially feminismHe was invited to speak by student organization, College Republicans, at DePaul University.Shortly after he started, a group of protesters stormed the stage blowing whistles, took his mic and began shouting anti-Trump slogans.When they refused to stop, some members of the audience went on stage to verbally confront them. At that point, Campus Security (Milo’s newspaper “Breitbart News” had been required to pay $1,000 for added security) announced that anyone not authorized to be on stage would be arrested. Audience members then left the stage at returned to their seats, the anti-Milo protesters remained on stage and Campus Security did nothing.After the protest, DePaul university President apologized for Milo not being allowed to speak (although he condemned Milo’s content).A school law professor published an open letter condemning the President for saying Milo should’ve been allowed to talk.At a meeting, a number of students expressed outrage that the President had defended freedom of speech. One of the protesters who disrupted Milo was in attendance and said she felt “threatened” and suggested that the campus speech code be used to exclude such speeches in the future.

Radical islam in our Schools

Identifying radical IslamThere’s been a lot of talk about radical Islam in the wake of the Orlando shooting and yet no one seems to offering up clear criteria as to what constitutes radical IslamYou must reject Wahhabism. reject Wahhabism and other radical Islamic sectsYou must reject funding and other forms of support from Wahhabist organizations and countries that sponsor Wahhabism.You must recognize the right of Israel to exist.Radical Islam in K-12Over 30,000 American students in Islamic Day SchoolsMany day schools partially funded by Wahhabist Saudi ArabiaTextbooks distributed to students condemn the United States, the West, Christianity and JudaismA valedictorian of the Islamic Saudi Academy of Virginia is currently in prison for attempting to assassinate George W. BushRadical Islam in our CollegesMuslim Student Association in the United States was originally founded by the terrorist Muslim BrotherhoodMany former chaplains and presidents of the Muslim Student Association have gone on to become terroristsMany members of the Muslim Student Association refuse to condemn terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah

Liberal v. Conservative Colleges

This week I follow a different format as I interview a former student of mine, Schuyler Morales. Schuyler attended both the liberal college of William and Mary University and the conservative college of Middle Georgia State University. He discuss his experiences at both and the political climate at each.

Kids Love Animals, Why Doesn’t PETA?

Cincinnati Zoo did the right thingPETA efforts to remove animals from schoolDissection debate?Cincinnati Zoo did the right thingCINCINNATI (WKRC) – A 17-year old gorilla, Harambe, was killed Saturday after a 4-year-old child fell into the gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo.PETA efforts to remove animals from schoolNo trips to the zooPETA KIDS ANTI ZOO VIDEONo classroom petsDissection debate“Sometimes, it takes a life-changing event to spur people to action. Dr. Lee Buono, a neurosurgeon from Medford, Burlington County, was encouraged by one of his patients to thank Albert Siedlecki, the teacher who inspired him to become a neurosurgeon. In the 1980s, Mr. Siedlecki taught Dr. Buono how to dissect a frogs brain. Nearly 20 years later, Dr. Buono is saving lives. Watch their story.”

Campus Rape Culture Myth:

Campus Rape Culture ExplainedRape culture is the idea that campus rape is systemicThe problem with systemic faults is that it implies eitherSpecific government policy causes itOr most people are rapists, racists, etc.Defacto v. dejure:  getting rid of bad laws “good”, forcing government to force people to play nice “paternalism” is badLefts wants due process eliminated (just as they want right to privacy eliminated)All rights that get in the way of social engineering must be trampledLeft will lie to achieve its objectives in this areaAnnie Clark and Andrea Pino are activists that have appeared on all the shows. They were both students at UNC. Both claim to be victims of sexual assault, for both incidents happenedoff-campusAnnie and Andrea made a documentary for HBO called “The Hunting Ground”; both repeat the common lie told about this; a lie echoed by most of the LEFT including Hillary and prominent Senate DemocratsThe 1 in 5 study is the result of something called the “Campus Sexual Assault Study” released in 2007  which was funded by the Justice Department (your tax dollars) but not conducted by them.  In fact the study cover page says “Opinions or points of view expressed are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official position or policies of the U.S. Department of Justice.”The study is deeply flawed because of:Small sample size (two college, a few hundred students)Self-Selection Bias (strong opinions more likely to respond)Included any conduct of a sexual nature, including kissing, while intoxicatedA justice department study released in 2014 debunks this myth by pointing out “The rate of rape and sexual assault was 1.2 times higher for non-students (7.6 per 1,000) than for students (6.1 per 1,000).”So not only is rate 6.1 per 1,000 (that’s .6% percent not 20 – or 25%) but it is actually more common for women of the same age who are not in schoolLeft is going to “solve” this “crisis” with more government overreachLeft reacts with a proposed law called “Campus Accountability and Safety Act (CASA”Annie Clark and Andrea Pino teamed up with SenatorKirsten E. Gillibrandat Campus Accountability and Safety Act Press ConferenceThis law is bad because it:Takes what should be a criminal offense and makes it campus problemWill burden universities with incredibly high fees (1% of operating budget)Universities will be incentivized to expel those accused with little to no evidence;“She said, he said”, will become “she said so he’s expelled”Call to ActionShare the episode trailer with a friend got towww.conservativeteacher.comPlease considering reviewing the podcast on Itunes

The Trans Attack on Privacy in Schools:

Rights and DutiesA right is something you must be given; a duty is something you must doEVERY Right is accompanied by a corresponding dutyExamples include those found in the Bill of Rights (amendments 1-10)Freedom of speech, freedom of religion etc.Negative rights also called “civil liberties” have negative duties. I am required only to leave you alone.Positive rights have positive duties. I must do something.“Right to healthcare and free college” means that your fellow citizens have a duty to pay for your health care and collegeThe so-called “right” of trans-women and trans-men to be thought of as real men and real men mean that I would have the duty to lie; which is immoralTransexual movement only works if everyone buys into it. No one can say the emperor has no clothesGovernment tyranny to enforce this. Chicago public school policyHigh School Bathrooms and the Desire for privacyCompeting Rights. The right to privacy v. the right to use any bathroom.“The percent of adolescent girls partaking in “crash dieting, fasting, self-induced vomiting, diet pills or laxatives” is between 35 percent and 57 percent. More than half of teenage girls and almost a third of teenage boys “use unhealthy weight control behaviors.” (Huffington Post)Girls already struggling with body image do not the additional harm caused by a male in the locker room.Students in many areas are fighting back but there concerns are ignored.Hundreds of students protest outside of Hillsboro (Missouri) High School to protect their right to privacyAround 200 students at Hillsboro High School left the school for a two­hour protest because they believe that males should not use a girls’ bathroom or locker room at a public school.Parent’s suing Illinois school district to protect their daughter’s right to privacyTrans-Athletes in High SchoolDr. Nick Gorton: American Board of Emergency Medicine,Medical Legal Consultant, Trans Health Care“ Transgender student athletes fall within the spectrum of physical traits found in athletes of their transitioned gender, allowing them to compete fairly and equitably.”“The women were approximately 52% and 66% as strong as the men in the upper and lower body respectively.” (Department of Physical Education, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)“The recommended NCAA policy requires one year of hormone treatment as a condition prior to competing on a female team. Conversely, athletes assigned female at birth remain eligible to compete in women’s sports unless or until that athlete begins a physical transition using hormones (testosterone).”NCAA ignores the impact of bone growth on strengthHormone replacement therapy not recommended. Even left leaning doctors say no Hormone replacement not recommended until at least 16 byWhich is it? Normal Range or not? Are trans-athletes different or not?