Teaching Teachers Liberal Lies

Teacher education classes are often skewed far to the Left. This week I discuss some of the indoctrination of teachers by leftist professors particularly on the issue of race.I have been teaching high school social studies for 18 years. I created this podcast to address many of the problems with the education system that have been ignored or even made worse by the political Left. So much effort is spent combating Leftism in our universities that we often forget that the problems posed by Leftist ideology begins in the early grades. Teachers and administrators are taught to promote Leftist ideas, federal government policies reinforce these Leftists ideas, and Leftists teachers unions vigorously defend their near monopoly of control on the education of young people. Aristotle was said that the fate of empires has always depended upon the education of the youth. We can’t take back America from Leftism until we are willing to address its roots – our schools. Join me each week as I uncover the problems Leftism poses for our children.