My Child isn’t a Social Experiment

Remember when it was considered inappropriate, even dangerous, to teach prepubescent children about sex. It wasn’t that long ago. Now, I’m not talk about science class information about males and females but rather adult concepts like sexual expression. The innocence of youth wasn’t something created by conservatives to stifle sexuality. Rather, it is a natural expression of the fact that prepubescent children don’t naturally think about engaging in sexual acts – nor should they. And yet, the Left seems bound and determined to use even young children as guinea pigs in their social experimentation.

Milwaukee: Learning to Riot

On August 13,  looting and rioting erupted in the city of Milwaukee. Even though the African-American police officer was entirely justified in shooting a suspect pointing a gun at him, protestors still claimed institutional racism. Where did the protestors get such as distorted view of reality? Certainly the entrenched media bias plays a role but we should not dismiss the corrupting nature of the Milwaukee School District and the Milwaukee Teachers Union.

Leftist Classes You’ll Want to Avoid

College is a place to challenge yourself with different ways of think but many college classes around the country instead focus on indoctrinating students with Leftist ideology. These classes are generally taught by professors who engage in a type of “research” known as “activist research” – that is, research specifically designed to promote some aspect of what the Left likes to call “social justice”